Staying Healthy in the Digital Era

Trabalho de Sandra Emmerich e Cintia Nascimento

Nowadays, in this digital era, more and more people keep trying to be healthier.

Because of this technological revolution everyone often loses focus. Technology makes people sit for hours and this lack of movement can significantly compromise health and cause a series of heart diseases.

People can’t stay away from smartphones. They are always with headsets on, and carry laptops everywhere. There come the pains: headache, eyestrain, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain and many others.

Smartphones lead the list of the top sleep villains.

All the brain stimulation caused by the use of smartphones near the time of going to bed can cause people difficulty to sleep and even prevent sleep quality, which can cause disorders like headaches to appear during the night.

Technology is one of the wonders of this world, but always remember you are the one who should use technology, not the other way around. Keep in mind that physical health can provide mental and emotional balance. And this works as much as for adults as for children, cause nowadays kids spend many hours in front of a smartphone and do not enjoy this important phase in life of growth and learning. Doctors advise that, most diseases can be prevented or treated with good eating habits and physical exercise.

An important thing to understand is that perseverance is necessary. You need to have conditions to keep the healthy routine you established. And when we talk about healthy routine, we don’t just talk about physical activity and clean eating, we’re also talking about real sleep.

The tips below can help you understand how to be healthy and how to tackle these pains.

– Limit your smartphone use time, especially at night
– Get enough rest
– Eat more colorful vegetables
– Turn off technology during a period of a day once a week
– Find a physical activity you like to do and fit it into your schedule
– Avoid sitting for long periods and always move even inside your home

Health is the most important thing we can have in life. It’s very import to keep a routine, do not give up and remember that without this very important treasure, we are nothing and can do nothing.