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How it works is an online language school for people who need to learn English with experienced professionals in a fast way and for those who have little time to move from place to place in small or big cities around the world.

With the student has a group or VIP class with the online teacher, from his PC or laptop, in his or her home, office or any place where they can have a device connected to the Internet.

The books used are developed by the best language-teaching editors in the world. British and Spanish institutions founded many years ago and with a wide range of experience in language book publishing.

The group and VIP classes, guarantee a much better and faster result since the student has the total attention of the teacher, he gains self confidence and the teacher dedicates himself for that student the whole time of the class, offering at the same time, more time for participation, clarifying the student’s doubt and providing an effective practice of the target language.


The classes happen as in any serious language school. We make use of didactic material from renowned editors from England and Spain. The student is led throughout the class in phases that take him from the presentation of a specific learning point to the practice in real everyday situations. We developed our work based on the theory of the multiple intelligences where we know that each individual has different individual competences and our teachers are trained to know how to deal with all different learning styles.

With the short number of students in class, everyone increases their possibilities to participate and to consolidate what they have learned. Teachers mediate the process in a way so that students can interact from the beginning to the end of the class, even when they are learning grammar. Something very important and very much part of our focus, but we do grammar in a very communicative way. Always trying to recreate real life atmosphere in the class.

Learn fast and efficiently to be confident and to be fluent!

Speaking a language demands practice and exposure so that it can happen in a much faster, more dynamic and efficient way, as well as funny. You can’t speak a language by memorizing sentences, but thinking and transforming ideas into words.

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Bruna Rinaldi
I started having classes at ViaEnglish when I was 13, and now, with the age of 18, I feel completely confident and satisfied with my development with the English language. The reason why I continue at ViaEnglish after all this time is the dynamic of the classes. The interactive classes help students participate much more and it’s really cool. I have always taken pleasure in having these classes and this is what makes ViaEnglish different. It was the best choice ever. It helped me get into college and for the whole life. Bruna Rinaldi
Marcio Mateus
I have studied at many language schools for long periods, but have never been confident to speak English. After I joined ViaEnglish, my confidence improved 100% and today I travel to just about everywhere in the world, speak English and even live abroad, because I’ve learned English and Spanish at ViaEnglish. ViaEnglish is more than just a school, it’s a partnership that helps you improve in many other areas of your life, due to the very communicative system. I’m very thankful for all the classes and the help I got from teachers who became also my friends. Marcio Mateus
Alexandre Victor Ferreira
Since I started the course with ViaEnglish, my English went through a very big change. I was completely stuck to learn and I had a lot of difficulties to speak the language before. However, the methodology of the classes, as well as the interactivity proposed by them are simply sensational and the results appear much faster than anywhere else. No doubts, ViaEnglish has become the best language school in the country. Alexandre Victor Ferreira