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Our courses are delivered under an online platform, which means that the student has classes from home, office or wherever he or she may be through the use of a PC, laptop or even a mobile device. The student has the attention of the teacher the whole class and through an audio and video system they can see one another and communicate as in any traditional school. The student is never alone without the teacher’s supervision. Even when travelling, or moving to other cities or countries, our system allows students to keep their courses going naturally.
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Private classes to all levels and ages aimed at meeting students’ needs. Communicative approach. Grammar seen in a very communicative way and focus on the students’ results with development follow up.

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Dynamic and thematic group classes with a small number of students, which motivates students to communicate and interact in a healthy atmosphere, and always with relevant themes to help develop real world citizens.

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Besides our group and VIP classes, we also offer all the dynamics of our classes to students in a company or office at the same time in a meeting room, for example. This is an interesting way to tackle the problem of time, as well as the journey to school places. This can help the staff of a company to become fluent and achieve higher standards of proficiency under the surveillance and assistance of their directors.

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