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On the GO is a term that means consume of a product during a period in which the person is usually going from a place to another. It could also apply to business trips and vacation.

Our service already has the On The Go characteristic, but we have a specific service which is the class scheduled by our students when they have a trip to foreign countries and need to do business where the language is used for the negotiation.

We are not just an address, a building where the student goes to have a class and then comes back only for the next one. We offer a support that allows our students to get help and information even out of their class time. Nowadays, anywhere in the world, needs don’t set up place and time.

aeroportoOn The Go classes should be scheduled before your trip considering time zone. If you don’t use them they can be transferred, in the case of ViaEnglish regular students, to normal classes of the course. This way you also don’t lose money.